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Maria’s Results

Highest Success Rate on Record

One of the most important benchmarks for our team is how successful we are at collecting the taxes that have been billed and the number of accounts that become delinquent. Not only have we achieved higher collections every year, this year we achieved the highest collections and lowest number of delinquencies on record, ever.

Significantly Reduced Government Costs

Maria and her team have made countless operational improvements that have saved taxpayers millions of dollars. Everything from replacing paper bills and paper receipts with emailed ones, to automating customer inquiries so staffing could be reduced, to overhauling the investment process for maximized returns; Maria and her team are constantly evaluating every aspect of their operations to save you money.

Created New Programs

Innovation is a core value for Maria and her team and have stopped at nothing to address her customers’ needs. When a solution hasn’t existed, she’s created what was necessary to ensure outstanding service to Beaufort County’s taxpayers. When so many were suffering economically during COVID, Maria and her team created a flexible Installment Payment Program so customers could pay any amount, whenever they could, towards their future bill. When the 2020 property tax bills were significantly delayed, Maria and her team created the opportunity for customers to prepay their tax bill so they wouldn’t miss out on their Federal Income Tax deductions.

Public Sector Role Model

Because of Maria’s initiatives and the success of her team, her guidance and input have been sought by companies and treasurers throughout the country. For example, Maria has taught treasurers and government finance officers around the country how she manages the County’s cash flows to maximize investment opportunities. For this work, she received a 2020 Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties.

Local, State and National Awards and Recognition

Maria and her team have enjoyed recognition at all levels for financial practices, leadership and in other areas from organizations such as the National Association of Counties, Thomson Reuters, and the South Carolina Republican Party. She is so proud to have her work for Beaufort County recognized in this way and 

Empowering Others to Lead

Great government starts with great people. Maria believes that a collaborative culture made up of empowered team members will not only feel fulfilled by their work but serve Beaufort County with passion and ownership. It is this kind of culture that has resulted in outstanding collections, incredible customer experiences, 100% staff retention, and awards and recognitions. 

What does a County Treasurer do?

In South Carolina, a County Treasurer is responsible for distributing property tax bills and collecting the amount owed. Think of them as the collector in the taxation process.

Flexible Billing Options

The Treasurer is responsible for distributing the tax bills, marking the start of collections. We all know life can get pretty busy so giving customers the ability to choose how they receive their bill puts the power in their hands.

Offer Convenient Payment Methods

Taxes may be a part of life but it doesn’t need to be complicated and unpleasant. Customers are given multiple payment options so they have the freedom to choose the option that is most comfortable and convenient for them.

Serves Customers Outstandingly

As an elected representative of the people, the Treasurer puts Beaufort County's taxpayers first in every initiative pursued, service offered, and function performed.

Manages the County’s Money

The Treasurer doesn’t just collect the taxes, she is also responsible for managing the County and School District’s money until it is spent. This means there are opportunities to put that money to work for you through investing and offsetting financial costs. Every dollar earned through investment is a dollar that didn’t come from your pocket.

Lead and Partner with Others

Serving Beaufort County, especially through the taxation process, is a team effort. A successful Treasurer partners with others, such as the Assessor and Auditor,  in a spirit of service to Beaufort County's taxpayers.