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Breaking​ the Government Mold

Maria has proven that innovative solutions, outstanding results and unparalleled leadership in a government office IS possible.

Keep scrolling for why we need to re-elect Maria as our Treasurer. 

Welcome to a new kind of government servant.

Safeguarding Your Dollars

The team responsible for safeguarding your tax dollars doesn’t just have secured procedures in place.  Maria and her team are leading the State and the Nation in cash flow management and innovative collections, resulting in over 1,000% increase in investment income. Read more…

Putting You First

Taxes may be an expected part of life but it doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience. Maria has initiated and created one of a kind, customer-focused payment services, like myBeaufortCounty, so you have everything conveniently at your fingertips. Read more…

Creating Leaders 

Maria believes that great leaders do not just inspire more followers but create more leaders.  She encourages openness, collaboration, and ownership. This has empowered a team of public servants to reach their fullest potential. Read more…

What do taxpayers think of Maria?

There isn’t a better person to manage the funds for our county. As a 33 year resident, and 20 year business owner, Maria has been the most professional, conscientious, intelligent Treasurer we have had. She also has transformed the county office and made the experience to do business very efficient.

 Leah McCarthy

 Beaufort County Taxpayer and Business Owner

Honesty is hard to find  nowadays. As a long time Beaufort County resident, I believe we are very blessed to have Maria Walls as our Treasurer. Her efforts give the residents of Beaufort County confidence that our tax dollars are being handled with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

 Cherie Cahoon

Beaufort County Taxpayer and Resident

The integrity, professionalism, and commitment to team that Maria shows on a daily basis is absolutely second to none. She’s a leader in our community and a MAJOR asset to Beaufort County as Treasurer. 

Maria has my trust and my vote!

Mollie Sandman 

Beaufort County Taxpayer and Banker

Maria’s Re-Election Team

Mrs. Lupi Tupou

Campaign Manager

Dr. Barbara Nielsen

Mr. Matt Sweeney

Mrs. Jane Culley

Ms. Xiaodan Li

Dr. Cheryl Arnold

Hon. Fred Hamilton

Mrs. Brooke Berthelsen